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group of happy people.jpgThere is a desperate need for Life Coaching in Corporate America.  Turnover for most companies is 30% or more annually. Employee inefficiency negatively affects the bottom line of every business, as do sick days and medical leaves of absence.  Good people often get stolen away by higher bidders, and toxic employees are difficult to get rid of. 

So how can Life Coaching change any of these challenges or affect corporate effectiveness?  It is this simple equation; If employees are happy, healthy and emotionally stable, they will be more productive, more effective, and will consequently contribute more to the company's success.  The company, the employees and the customers win in every aspect. 

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Our most effective method of working with companies is to conduct workshops, employing the tools and methods for personal reform, as described on this website.  Our workshops are simple, yet exciting and highly effective for attendees.  As we work our way through a company, whether 10 or 100 employees at a time, an obvious transformation begins to take place.

  • People start dealing with their personal issues at home rather than dragging them to work.
  • They start handling stress, anxiety, and frustration with expediency and ease. 
  • They become more responsible, efficient, productive and confident. 
  • The result is a win-win for all.

In addition to workshops, we also offer individual consultations for executives, or mid-managers (who are often more comfortable in private sessions, which is fine with us). We also offer exclusive workshops for managers or executives.  As you can see, we do everything we can to make your experience with our Life Coaching team an exceptional one. 

A rare guarantee: We can structure a program to tailor-fit your company's needs.  Costs are charged by the employee, the hour, or by the project, whichever works best for your requirements.  But the important thing is that we guarantee results.  All workshop attendees are asked to fill out an evaluation form.  If our feedback ratings are average or below average, you don't pay for our services.  Don't count on that happening though, since we are consistently rated as "excellent" 98% of the time. 

To find out more about how Corporate Coaching can work for you, just give me a call.  We can meet in person and come to a mutual agreement on what works best for all involved.  This could be the most important investment you ever make in your company!

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