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Hello and welcome to our Fees page. In addition to single-session options I've set up several pre-paid session packages to make my coaching services easy and affordable. Packages also help with you own commitment to emotional health.

You can pay-as-you-go, or choose a pre-paid package option to save money. I accept major credit cards and payments via PayPal including checks.  Please read much more about our services below.

Single Session Fees 1 hour packages 90-minute packages




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Hourly Rates & Policies (face-to-face and phone sessions are all the same price):

  • Our fees for private sessions are based on an hourly rate of $160 an hour

  • All first sessions are 90 minutes (a 90-minute session is $240). "I prefer doing 90-minute sessions (as do my clients) because we can accomplish much more with the momentum already in motion."
  • After the first session you can choose the time-frame that works best for you.   

Pre-paid single sessions

Pay for a 90-minute session $240
90 min

Pay for a 1-hour session: $160 (available only after the first session)

Other Single Payment Options

"Because I include a lot of extras in my sessions (before and after) you are actually getting much lkmore of my time and energy than you'll be paying for."

Here are just some of the extras your sessions will include:

  • Extensive Intake Form Evaluation prior to your first session. This will save us both valuable time during your session. You fill out our comprehensive Intake Form/Application and I take you on as a client only if I feel comfortable that I can help you. If I feel you would be suited for someone else, I'll
    be glad to give you some trusted-referral names. And, I promise you'll learn something about yourself as you fill out the form. tap, tap, tap.
  • Toll-free sessions by phone. I call you "on my dime" (within the Continental U.S. and Canada) saving you toll charges. For international calls we can use Skype.
  • Free digital audio recordings - I will record all of your sessions which can be priceless for your growth. My clients think having recordings of their sessions is one of the most valuable tools they have.
  • I'll be giving you many free audio downloads, articles, tele-classes and other surprises.
  • I use Progressive EFT" (Pro EFT) which is a natural evolution of basic EFT. Pro EFT allows
    me to work faster and more efficiently, requiring less time and fewer sessions to deal with your issues. Yay! Read the differences in Pro EFT™ and traditional EFT
  • I start and end sessions exactly on time, so you never have to wait for my call or "in the waiting room."

We accept
mc  visa

Please contact my my assistant, Katherine, to schedule your session(s) before pre-paying. You can also call toll free @ 800-925-8506 (24/7 voice mail.

My appointment times are valuable and irreplaceable, so I do have a cancellation policy. 
 If you need to reschedule a session, please let us know 24 hours in advance, in order to avoid being billed

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You'll get more bang for the buck if you learn a little about
EFT and Pro EFT™ before or while doing private sessions

Session Package Rates:

To encourage your commitment to continued growth and pursuit of happiness, I offer discounted, pre-paid packages 90-minute packages , 1-hour packages, as well as individual sessions.)

Pre-Paid Packages:

  • Saves you money
  • Insures payment privacy and integrity
  • Gives you priority when scheduling appointments
  • Saves you valuable session time
  • Allows you to break the packages into any equivalent time period
  • Allows you the flexibility to transfer any of your remaining sessions to a family member

As stated above, the first appointment is always a 90-minute session, and I recommend them thereafter. However, with pre-paid packages you are buying time blocks, so you can mix and match the lengths of your sessions to match your schedule. Because Pro EFT works fast, and I work fast, we can accomplish more in 3 sessions than in months or years of traditional therapy (that would total tens of thousands of dollars.)

You can decide if you want a package plan at the end of our first session
(and convert your single payment into a package.) 

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90 minute packages - You are purchasing blocks of time, so 3, 90-minute sessions can be a variety of time options.i.e. 3, 90 minute sessions could be 1, 90-minute sessions and 3, 1-hour sessions.

  • Three, 3, 90-minute sessions for $689 (4.5 hours, for an effective rate of $153/hr.) This is the most popular package. (This package can be broken into one 90-minute session and 3 one-hour sessions, or any other combination totaling 4.5 hours)
    Pay for this 3-pack now.

  • Five, 90-minute sessions for $1139 (7.5 hours, or a discounted rate of $151/hr. This package can also be broken into a combination of equitable 1-hour sessions and/or 90-minute sessions.
    Pay for this 5-Pack now

  • Eight, 90-minute sessions for $1799 (12 hours for a discounted rate of $149/hr. A $123 savings.) This package can be broken into any combination totaling 12 hours.
    Pay for this 8-Pack now

One hour packages: Remember that you are investing in blocks of time. You can divide 5, 90-minute sessions into any combination that will equal 7.5 hours. AND you can decide as you go.

By investing in these sessions, you agree to the terms and conditions. We both know you’ll get a lot more out of your investment by making a firm commitment to yourself. So, to repeat, In order to support and encourage conscious choices and life-changing commitments, any packaged sessions purchased are non-refundable. You can, however, use them at any time or offer them to family members.

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Please contact my my assistant, Katherine, to schedule your session(s) before pre-paying. You can also call toll free
@ 800-925-8506 (24/7 voice mail)

Other payment options: er session.

Pay for a 45-minute session $120 (available only after the first session)

Pay for a 2-hour appointment $320 (recommended for those traveling 2 hours or more to get to my office)

Again, you can decide if you want a package plan at the end of our first session (and convert your single payment into a package).  You can also combine packages, if you like, and even break 90-minute sessions into two 45-minute sessions.  I am flexible and open to discussing what format might best meet your needs.

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Apprentice Referrals

I often get requests from people to offer sliding scale rates. Due to the volume of people I work with and the amount of pro-bono work I already do, it's just not feasible to cut my rates any further. However, I do have several reliable apprentices (Level 3 graduates) whom I have trained. So while they are building their hours toward certification, they are willing to offer their services at discounted rates. Please visit our Apprentice page to choose one of these qualified Apprentices who will be right for you.

Note from Lindsay: I really do care about my clients. My goal is to help people live happier, more peaceful and stress-free lives.  Please call or e-mail us if you still have questions about our services and fees.

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Important note:

Pro EFT™ has no known side-effects, yet has been known to bring peace of mind, relaxation, a brighter outlook, better health, more energy and focus, and added self-esteem. Clients also report that it greatly relieves stress, anxiety, chronic pain, and a multitude of other ailments and issues. Often Pro EFT and other energy therapies mentioned on this website, can achieve the results when other modalities or therapies have not helped.

Lindsay Kenny is not a licensed health care professional, but she has studied the "human condition" for over 35 years and does care greatly about the welfare of her clients. It is essential that all students and clients be responsible for their own choices and health.

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