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Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD my last official guest for 2013. And Oh boy! Dr. Lipton (Bruce, as he prefers) is one of my favorite guests and certainly my favorite non-fiction author.Lipton

He is truly brilliant and his work is not only facsinating, but cutting-edge and need-to-know information for those committed to improving their lives. So I was thrilled to score this interview with him about his newest book "The Honeymoon Effect" and excited for you to hear it.

Listen in and take notes as the always-enthusiastic "Bruce" tells us how to create that blissful "falling-in-love-feeling' permanently. Learn the science behind Limiting Beliefs and why "Noble Gases" (really?) are important for chemistry. And perhaps most importantly, discover how loving ourselves can be first step in literally saving our planet.

You can listen to the entire interview at this link. I also encourage you to listen to this PRE-interview recording I did with Dr. Pat Carrington and our I Can members. In it we discuss elements of Bruce's book that he and I didn't talk about. However, they are prominent factors about Law of Attraction and other important elements.

I highly encourage you to read the Honeymoon Effect on, or any bookstore. Here's a direct link to his page:  You can also find more material about this fabulous book on his site at


"Prosperity Tree"; Constructing your own
This could be one of the most important processes you'll ever do to "draw" abundance and prosperity into your life. Simple, fun and effective. But you'll need to have a pen and 8.5 x 11" note tablet handy, because I'm going to put you to work. t's really Part 2 of the Trauma Tree BTRplayerProcess, so we'll recap that first, then go into the construction of your Prosperity Tree™.

Download the handouts for the Prosperity Tree™

As always, if you miss the live show you'll be able to listen to the replay by using the same link:


I don't usually post my interviews by other people here, but I promised our listeners that I'd do that.

<< So here is my radio interview by Sheila Gale, from the "Sheila Show" And here's the link we gave at the end for a special offer we made for the Transformation Package:


Listen to my guest, Karl Moore, CEO of Brain Evolution and Best-selling author of  "The Secret Art of Self-Development"... This is one of the most interesting interviews I've ever done. He may not look like a scientist, but he is one!


Discover how listening to this scientifically proven audios can help you... 

  • Release STRESS... Enjoy More RELAXATION... Master EMOTIONS...
  • Increase BRAIN POWER... Think SHARPER... Improve MEMORY...
  • Raise Your MOOD... Rocket Your ENERGY LEVELS ... Sleep LESS...

How is that possible and how does this relate to EFT and the Law of Attraction? You'll have to listen to find out! Join us at



More previously Recorded Shows:

LK Tapping Away Shame and Guilt about things that aren't Your Fault! Listen ANY time by using this link.

BTRplayerAll of us, and I mean everyone on the planet, carries around guilt and shame about inappropriate things they’ve said and done; for mistakes, failures, indiscretions, bad choices,  and more. And there’s usually a huge bundle of that. These (bad) choices we make in life often disappoint people who care about us and ourselves.

Guilt, shame, disappointment and remorse, generated from our choices and
behavior, cause unworthiness, self-sabotage and even illness!

So it’s vital to our self worth to “Tap Away” all of the past mistakes, behavior, indiscretions, failures and more. It allows us to wipe the slate clean and rebuilt trust in ourselves... and credibility with others.

This show, however, isn’t about THAT kind of guilt and shame.  It’s about being ashamed of Who You ARE....things that aren't your fault. Making a choice about doing something that hurts yourself or others is different. That's what we dealt with in the Tower of Shame Process (for which the recording can be found at - Listening to and tapping along with that recording will help you lay a foundation for this upcoming episode.

Being born into a shame-producing situation or body is entirely different. Here are just some of the issues people mention for which they are embarrassed or ashamed;

  • the color of their skin or hair
  • religion or country of origin
  • accent, height, weight or physical appearance
  • speech or hearing impediments
  • family members or family history
  • physical disfigurements, disabilities or challenges
  • being born with a cleft pallet, weak chin etc.
We hope you join us and tap along so you can release any shame, guilt, or pain around issues which aren't your fault. < use this link to listen to the recording of this show.



Sheila Gale is a force NOT to be reckoned with, but to be enjoyed! She has been on the airwaSheilaGaleys for over 30 years on dozens of AM & FM stations from Los Angeles to Monterey, to International Internet Radio. And she's a big fan of EFT!

Sheila has become the “Go To” person for Inspirational Talk and New Thought Radio. Her mission is to bring Spiritual, Evolutionary & New Thought to Main Stream America! Sheila’s down to earth style, quick wit and willingness to openly share her candid struggles, gives an authenticity that is often lacking on today’s airwaves or online.
I absolutely love her!

And she’s a huge supporter/believer/user of the Law of Attraction.  Sheila says, “Not only is this the mostdifficult and scary time for people to be alive in the history of man, it’s also the most exciting andpowerful!  The only choices we have are, Evolve or Die.” How's that for being candid?

And in this show Sheila is going to share with us some of the best ways to survive. Learn how "The Answer is in the Question" and how to "Dance with the Universe." What great ideas and energy she has. Please join us for this fabulous episode by listening ANY time at this link.

Sheila is currently heard weekly on and daily on Energy Talk Radio

Please leave us feedback on iTunes by using this link;


Iyanla_VanzantIyanla Vanzant! OK, I’ll confess right up front, Iyanla Vanzant (from the OWN show “Iyanla, Fix my________”,)  is one of my favorite people on the planet. So I gush a little bit when I talk about her or interview her. But she deserves it because she is truly an extraordinary human being.

Get your pen and paper ready because you’ll want to take notes on this one. Llisten anytime, both, using this link:

Iyanla, recently featured on the cover of "Essence" Magazine, has experienced some of the worst possible tragedies, traumas and losses I’ve ever heard about. Wait until you hear some of it. Nonetheless, she has risen above it all to become powerful, famous and humble. During this program Iyanla will  share with you how she managed that!

In spite of her extremely difficult childhood, Iyanla excelled in school, and went on to become a lawyer, a minister, a best-selling author, public speaker, a powerful motivator and television personality. And she is an avid fan of tapping and the Law of Attraction! So Iyanla is an ideal guest for this kind of broadcast; about attracting what you want and tapping.

In this interview…which you don’t want to miss, Iyanla describes her 3-step philosopy that has kept her afloat all these years. And as a true word-smith, Iyanla shares several beautiful quotes and stories that are not only heart-warming and motivating, but entertaining.

She describes how you can make adversity work for you to get you back on course and create extraordinary results in your life. You’ll want to remember all of this and use it… believe me.

Find Iyanla at and

PS Please leave us feedback on iTunes by using this link;


Please listen to this lively interview with Nick Ortner, Founder of The Tapping Solution and Producer of the Tapping World Summit.


Nick talks openly about his involvement with the Newtown Connecticut tragedy and how Tapping is helping them cope. Here Nick's fabulous story about how the  young brother of a victim connects with a young tragedy-survivor on the other side of the world. It’s a heart-warming story you don’t want to miss.

You’ll learn about Nick’s new book “The Tapping Solution” and the impact it could make on the world (He mentions Lindsay and her processes several times. ) Nick has been a rising star in the Tapping Community for the past 5-6 years. His commitment to making a difference and how’s he’s accomplishing that is astonishing. And register for the Summit now. It's FREE! 


Tapping Away Self-Sabotage

BTRplayerDownload the worksheet handout for this show.

Self-sabotage nullifies your efforts and expectations, robs you of opportunities and erodes your credibility. Perhaps worse is that it validates your own worst inner beliefs that you're not worthy or success or joy. So how do we rectify the problem without years of therapy (which some of you have no-doubt already had?)

Learn how to tap away your own destructive behavior with a very cool Pro EFT Tapping technique. It's amazingly quick and easy. Just click on the above radio icon to listen to the recording of this show.

PS Please leave us feedback on iTunes by using this link;


12-20-12 This special Holiday Show is about the Joys and Headaches of the holidays AND Making your Resolutions Work! Listen to the recording of this show by clicking on the below icon... or use this link:


Third in the series - Tapping into WHY you Want What you Want, Oct. 25, 2012, 10AM, Pacific Time 8_16_12

OK, so you want a new career, a loving relationship, a better apartment or home, a reliable car. But why? What's wrong with what you have now? Learn why it's important to know what motivates you and why it's essential to recognize how you're life will be better when you have it.


Second in the series - Tapping Away Limiting Beliefs and Fears about what you want. As long as you have chatter going on in your head about why you can't or won't get what you won't get it. Absolutely, the biggest impediment to achieving, having, being or doing what you want, are your limiting beliefs and fears. Even those things you think are TRUE, have attracted beliefs that most likely are not facts. Find out how to discover them and how to tap them away! 8_16_12

Listen to the recording of this show by clicking on the icon on the left.

You can alternately try this download link




Thanksgiving Day - Find appreciation in unexpected places and in surprising ways. Expressing gratitude can be one of the eaiest and surest ways to attract prosperity into your life.

Click on the quote to the left, to hear the replay afterwards.

Also, please watch this short but beautiful video on gratitude:


First in the series Tapping Into What You Want (with Jiminy Cricket!) 8_16_12How the Law of Attraction all began for Lindsay

Listen to the recording of this foundational show by clicking on the icon on the left.


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Basic EFT Media Interviews....

car4_nav.cmpFor background information on EFT, listen to Ron Ball, Editor and Author, interview me for a change. Ron is one of the best interviews I've ever worked with. Ron is professional, mindful and thorough and asks such great questions. This 6-part series includes my history with tapping, and a wealth of information about issues, processes and more. Read what he writes on his site about the series and listen at Podcast interview. Ron Ball is co-author and producer of Freedom at Your Fingertips and a big fan and promoter of EFT.

Ron has also been a recent guest of mine on Pro EFT Radio. Listen to his interview below on "Life Shock; what to do when a loved one is diagnosed with a mental disorder" Ron's bravery in dealing with it was astonishing, as is all that he's done to help others since then.

car4_nav.cmpAlong the same lines as the above interview, hear Lindsay's radio interview with "Autism Speaks" Tapping Relief for Parents of special needs children

car4_nav.cmpHere's Lindsay's interview on Reversals, done by Gene Monteraselli, from his Tapping Q and A podcast. Understand the two types of Reversals and why they have been misunderstood in energy psychology

car4_nav.cmpHere's another interview on Reversals and addictions for EFT Radio with Cathryn Taylor interviewing Lindsay

car4_nav.cmpFor beginning tappers, listen to this interview by Lisa Engles, host of "Inner State" radio, for some basic EFT Q and A.

car4_nav.cmpListen to Lindsay's interview on "I Dare You Radio" with host, Angela Treat Lyon. This is a 4-segment interview. Be sure to listen to them in order. Segment 1 is at the bottom of the page. :-)

car4_nav.cmpFor tapping beginners, listen to Linda Friedman's radio interview with Lindsay


EFT tapping videos with Lindsay

Watch Lindsay and Pat Carrington onstage in an EFT Panel on
marketing your practice, Boston Extravaganza, 2007.

Watch a few minutes of Lindsay using her Bundling Baggage
technique with a volunteer onstage

Watch Lindsay muscle testing for Secondary Benefit Syndrome
(a subconscious resistance to change)


Read Lindsay's 2-part article on her incredible experience filming the Vets documentary "Emotional Freedom: The Answer"

VetsFilmPart 1: Our fear, their anger and betrayal. Steps toward

Part 2: The amazing realization about PTSD, the incredible end results and the effect the experience had on the participants

Watch the trailer for this film and purchase this amazing documentary. It's great for learning EFT too.



Pro EFT Radio
Lindsay's Previously Recorded Shows
from Pro EFT




David_RiklanDavid Riklan, Founder of

In this straight-forward interview with David Riklan, he will share how he started his mega-successful internet self-improvement site for $30. He'll also share his 10 steps for personal success. He's a remarkable man and this is a talk for anyone who wants to improve and grow. That's you, isn't it?

Listen to David's Interview here

Self-improvement and personal growth information on the Internet. Self Growth was founded in 1998 and now maintains four websites on self-improvement and natural health, including:


His premier Self Improvement website,, gets over 1.2 Million visitors a month. His company also publishes six e-mail newsletters going out to over 950,000 weekly subscribers on the topics of self improvement, natural health, personal growth, relationships, home business, sales skills, and brain improvement.


KarlDawsonKarl Dawson, EFT Master and Creator of Matrix Reimprinting
Listen to this extended interview with Karl now.

In this poignant interview, Karl tells us about his development of Matrix Reimprinting. MR has changed how we handle our past experiences. During the interview Lindsay offers to have Karl demonstrate a Matrix session using her experience of losing her dad at the age of 14.

Karl Dawson is one of only 29 EFT Masters worldwide and over the last seven years has worked extensively to teach thousands of EFT trainees from all over the globe how to transform their emotional health to overcome physical and psychological disease through tapping.

In 2007, a shift in awareness enabled Karl to gain new understanding behind the causation and resolution of trauma.  This new awareness, gained from extensive observation and experience with many, many different cases of emotional trauma and physical disease, has led him to create Matrix Reimprinting. Since then the technique has grown and developed.

Karl has presented at energy psychology conferences worldwide, including the United States, Asia, Europe and Australia.  Karl’s book, Matrix Reimprinting using EFT, written with co-author Sasha Allenby, was released by Hay House on 2 August 2010.

Contact Karl at www.Matrix
To find Karl's book on Matrix Reimprinting, go to:


Nick Ortner, Founder of The Tapping Solution and The Tapping World Summit Nick
Listen to Nick's interview here

Here's the link to the upcoming FREE "World Summit on Pain":

This interview gives us a look inside the man behind the mammoth Tapping World Summit. Over 300,000 people, from all over the world participated in the Summit last February and Nick tells us how it all started. He also reveals something wonderful about his love relationship as well as his supportive family. He also speaks of his rise to success and the trials and tribulations that came with it. What a story!

Nick also produced, the documentary film “The Tapping Solution”, that features average people overcoming enormous challenges by using EFT.  The film features experts like Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Joe Mercola and more.

He also produced the worldwide online event, “The Tapping World Summit” and the upcoming Pain Summit (Oct. 2011) and it's all for free. He manages the monthly membership program, the “Tapping Insiders Club” and has produced and coordinated other projects on health and wellness, such as David Wolfe’s “21 Days to Health” program, and is an owner and managing director of another documentary, “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days”


Richard Flook - META-Medicine® RichardFlook

This was a great show with Richard. Time flew by as he talks with passion about his META-Medicine program and his META-Healing Process. It's great stuff.
Click on the yellow icon to listen to the recording.


AND Richard offered us an amazing deal on a $427 package for only $97 (that's over 75% off!) Here's the link for that:

  • META-Healing Process DVD Set
  • 3 month membership on META Medicine Made Easy
  • 1 Simple Email Consultation
  • Just $97
    This price is valid through 8-25-11 only

    is a Master META Medicine® Trainer and Health Coach, Master NLP Coach and Author of the book “Why Am I Sick, What’s really wrong and how you can solve it using META-Medicine”.

"META-medicine® is based on 10 main principles and in my opinion redefines our understanding of disease, healing and health. According to META-medicine®, there is not only a mind body connection but actually a very precise organ-mind-brain-social connection. Each area of our brain corresponds to a specific organ and a specific conflict or trauma and an environmental-social experience."

Researchers also found that biological conflict shocks (significant emotional experiences) always precede disease. If we experience such a biological conflict shock (an event that is unexpected, very dramatic and emotional) then our organism reacts with what we call “disease” and symptoms like cancer, eczema, diabetes, etc.

This knowledge is revolutionary, because it allows us to understand how a disease process begins and why therapies often do not work. But this is just the beginning. META-medicine® goes even further. Every organ is directly related to a specific biological conflict content."

Richard played an instrumental part in the development of META Medicine Training Courses and he brings 20+ years of experience and knowledge into the field of META Medicine and Integrative Health Coaching. His vision for growth in these fields lead him to develop the first online META Medicine Course Trainings. Richard is President and founder of the International Why Am I Sick Association (IWAISA).



Sandi Radomski, ND, L.C.S.W- "Fight Back Against Allergies with Allergy Antidotes" First, listen to Pat Carrington's interview with Sandi here.
Then Listen to this second FABULOUS session with Sandi. She is really great and this was one of my favorite shows.

SandiRIn this special 2-part collaboration with Pro EFT radio, Pat Carrington has agreed to share with us her recently recorded interview with Sandi. This important interview provides critical background information on allergies that may shock you. So you definitely want to hear it before our broadcast. Find Pat's audio link here.

Over 55% of us test positive for allergies... and far more of us have them and don't know it. Here's another startling statistic; about 78,000 people die each year from allergy-related causes (more than breast or prostate cancer.) Pat's interview with Sandi is is so fascinating that it will leave you wanting more...which is what our broadcast is about.

Again, it's very important to listen to Pat's foundational interview first: Here's Patthe link to that:

In our broadcast we take up where Pat left off as Sandi explains much more about causes and cures for allergies and sensitivities. They can cause nausea, foggy-headedness, headaches, indigestion, insomnia, irritability and so much more. Reactions to food or other substances can affect us up to three days after the exposure so we don't always associate our symptom with the cause.
Listen to my interview with Sandi's by clicking on the yellow icon below:


So if you've ever wondered "What's wrong with me?" then you will want to listen to this two-part program.

Sandi Radomski is board certified in Social Work, a psychotherapist and a naturopathic doctor.  Her background includes teaching in the medical school at University of Wisconsin for 8 years, doing biofeedback with pain patients for 10 years and conducting research in psychoneuroimmunology with children with cancer.

Sandi is a national and international lecturer and trainer.  She has written several manuals for her allergy work including using Meridian Laser Therapy.  She has co-authored several manuals, DVDs & CDs demonstrating and teaching Ask & Receive. She is available for private sessions either in person, by telephone or Skype. Sandi’s mission is to provide the tools for individuals to release their physical and emotional limitations.

Again, be sure to listen to Pat's wonderful interview with Sandi and her package offers before our show! Here's the link to the audio and the packages. I'm sorry, but these package offers have expired, but the audios are still available.

Sandi's contact info:
Office number 609-464-2803 


Dr. Bradley Nelson - The Emotion Code -
Click here to listen to the first of two of Dr. Nelson's recordings

Listen to the shorter, second recording here

Dr. Nelson articulates a BradNelsonperspective and experience with negative emotions that differs considerably from EFT. Yet the Emotion Code is similar to EFT in the foundational belief that unresolved negative emotions play a significant role in our physical and mental health. It's always good to get a different point of view about things and Dr. Brad does a great job explaining and demonstrating his work.

Dr. Nelson graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West, in San Lorenzo, California in 1988. He has lectured internationally on the natural healing of chronic illness, and was in private practice as a chiropractor until 2004. He has successfully treated patients who were suffering from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and a wide variety of other chronic ailments.

As a holistic chiropractic physician and medical intuitive, Dr. Nelson is considered an expert in the emerging fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology.

Contact info:
Brad's office number: (435) 656-4923


Sylvia Becker-Hill Join us and learn about “Being The Executive Change Sylvia_BeckerHillStrategist of Your Own Life”. Sylvia will show us what it means to fulfill your dreams and make your goals come true by using some the strategies she uses with global corporate clients. Sylvia will teach us some very important pearls about change management and neuroplasticity. This is one very-together professional who is going to help you reclaim control of your life.

Sylvia is an Executive Change Strategist who specializes in coaching corporate leaders to bring about positive transformative change with lasting results. Utilizing the latest research in neuroscience and emotional intelligence, she helps executives transform their leadership. Sylvia’s transformational tool box is huge. But Pro-EFT is her favorite tool because in her own words: “Pro EFT lets me rewire my client’s brain without using a surgeon’s knife. It accelerates change and creates deep lasting results. It’s perfect for someone who looks for real transformation in a sustainable manner.”

Download this handout to get the best value out of listening to the show. Please print these handouts and have a pencil ready to fill in the blanks as we go.
When you are through, use this handout, with the blanks filled in (just in case you missed something.)
And here's the iceberg handout already filled in
(but it's best to fill it in along with Sylvia)

Find Sylvia's recordings here after the show:

  • 1 of 3 (1 hour, actual radio recording ...followed by two important follow-up recordings below...)
  • 2 of 3 (12 minutes: please listen to the first audio before listening to this one)
  • 3 of 3 ( 13 minutes: please listen to recordings 1 and 2 before listening to this one)

Sylvia's contact information:
Sylvia’s free ebook “Resolutions that stick”:


ValeriePlease listen to the recording of this special broadcast as Valerie Ozsu, Nurse Practitioner, talks about the horrific problems caused by heavy metal poisoning.

It was on a previous show with Valerie last month that I discovered that many of my own chronic health issues were related to mercury poisoning. (See common symptoms below) I'm so grateful for Valerie's help and support during this and wanted to share her knowledge and expertise with everyone.

* Common symptoms of heavy metal poisoning (been there done that)

  • Chronic pain - muscles and tendons or any soft tissues of the body
  • Chronic malaise – general feeling of discomfort, fatigue, and illness
  • Brain fog – state of forgetfulness and confusion
  • Chronic infections - such as Candida
  • Gastrointestinal issues - such as diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas,
  • Food allergies
  • Dizziness
  • Migraines and/or headaches
  • Visual disturbances
  • Mood swings, depression, and/or anxiety
  • Nervous system malfunctions – burning extremities, numbness, tingling, paralysis, and/or an electrifying feeling throughout the body

Support material and links promised on this show and more:

If you even think that this might be relevant to you or to someone you love, then please send them here to listen to the recording Shows


Karin Davidson, EFT Practitioner and Trainer on "The Importance of the Gamut Point" Listen to the recording of this broadcast here
Download the explanation of the "Gamut Guardian" process and learn the wording integrated with "Ask and Receive"

In this unique program, Karin shows us how to use the Gamut Point in a dramatic way.This underrated little meridian "Triple Warmer" on the back of the hand, can make a huge difference in our body's acceptance of the changes we make with EFT.

I've always thought once an issue has been completely cleared it's virtually impossible for it to come back. But I now see how that's possible. Join us for this very interesting and thought-provoking program.

Karin is a certified hypnotherapist, a Reiki master, EFT Practitioner and  an AAMET and Trainer. She’s currently the only certified Matrix Reimprinting Trainer in the USA, co-founder of the MTT Association and co-author of the EFT Levels Training textbooks. Karin was a TV Producer and host who has chosen to use her talents to help spread EFT to the world.  Karin is the webmaster for

Contact Karin at:


ValerieOJune 8 Part One Recording
June 15th Part Two with "Danny"

Two-Part Series: Anti-Gay Harassment and Bullying
Lindsay Kenny with Special Guest Host Brendan Neff-Hall and
Dr. Thomas Arbaugh, Jr. (part 1) and Danny (part 2)

Because of many tragic examples in the news, America has become aware that anti-gay harassment is all too real and commonplace for youth in our culture.

In this special two-part series, Lindsay Kenny and her guest host, Brendan Neff-Hall, will interview gay men about their personal experiences and how they have used Energy Tapping to regain their self esteem and to live full and joyful lives.

Brendan Neff-Hall grew up in upstate NY where he experienced  bullying  from 4th grade on. He publicly acknowledged his sexual orientation (came out) at age15 with the help of a counselor. His gay activism soon included travels with GLSEN  (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Network) to speak with students about gay harassment in schools.  Brendan earned a BA at Eugene Lang College in NYC, an MA in education in San Francisco and taught Kindergarten for 4 years. He is now a Holistic Life Coach and EFT Practitioner. 

Brendan Neff-Hall


Dr. Tom Arbaugh (Part 1 guest) began his therapeutic work with adolescents in the U.S. public school system and he has counseled with students internationally. Tom's expertise is welcomed within the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-gendered community and his practice includes working with sexually abused victims, perpetrators of sexual abuse, sexuality issues and couples counseling.

Dr. Thomas Arbaugh, Jr.


June 1, 2011Listen as Lindsay interviews Valerie
Valerie Ozsu is a Nurse Practitioner, an experienced ProEFT Practitioner and health facilitator. Valerie is also the Founder and Director of the Natural Health and Wellness Center in Vacaville, CA. In our interview Valerie will address questions about valeriediabetes, thyroid problems, menopause issues and her other combined treatments.

Valerie is also a successful single mom and brings her special understanding of women's issues and health to her practice. Her mission statement: "My goal is to promote health and wellness in men, women and children through the clearing of toxins, education, nutritional support and hormone balancing, thus eliminating the need for pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects."

Contact Valerie: Email:

Valerie Ozsu MSN CNM NP Pro EFT Practitioner
Nutrition Response Testing
Natural Health and Wellness Center, Inc.
418 Elizabeth Street
Vacaville, CA   95688
Office: 707-689-5395


RonBallRon Ball, EFT-CC, EFT-ADV - Editor and Author

Life Shock: What to Do, Where to Turn When a Family Member or Friend Has a Mental Dis-ease
Listen to this excellent interview with Ron about his experience with mental illness and his advice for others.

The website Ron mentions in his interview, the National Alliance on Mental Illness is Their pro-bono support classes are called "Family to Family" which you can find there.

Ron Ball is the editor of the EFTzone blog. He’s also the co-author and publisher of the EFT book “Freedom at Your Fingertips.” Ron’s company specializes in teaching business executives, employees and other people how to positively leverage workplace stress and emotional overload for better health and a higher quality of life.

Ron says his introduction to EFT came because he was looking for alternative healing methods for his youngest daughter. She was eventually diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. Listen with us as Lindsay and Ron discuss his experiences and his understanding of dealing with depression and mental illness.

1-800-930-7434 Ext. 704


Bob DoyleBob Doyle, CEO Boundless Living, Inc.
Find and Live Your Passion with Law of Attraction and Tapping Listen
to the interview with Bob

Bob Doyle's Wealth Beyond Reason program has long been recognized as one of the most complete and usable online curriculums in the Law of Attraction, and gained the attention of the producers of the film "The Secret," in which Bob was one of the featured teachers in the film and book.

Bob is a champion for creative self-expression and has created an online playground called Boundless Living Elite where participants join a huge active community of people who are taking on life-long dreams and are supported through a full education in the law of attraction, mentoring, and Boundless Living's entire suite of online programs which among other things, facilitate the elimination of limiting beliefs and negative thoughts which have historically stopped people in the past.
Bob is a veteran broadcaster, music composer, author, and ukulele fanatic among other things, and encourages people to fully explore any and all of their passions, playing full out all the time, thus allowing the law of attraction to work effortlessly to attract all that they desire into their lives.


Read more about The Science Behind the Secret webinar series



May 18, 2011 - Tania Prince, EFT Master, Creator of Inner Re-Patterning Click here to listen to the recording of this show

Tania is an EFT Master, (one of less than thirty in the world). She has extensive experience of using EFT with clients and has worked on a vast range of issues, including fear of public speaking, blushing, panic attacks, success coaching, phobias, depression, addictions, anxiety, weight management, agoraphobia and serious illnesses, etc.

She works from two clinics in Cheshire, England as well as working with clients throughout the UK and internationally via the phone. Her work has been featured on TV and radio shows both in the UK and abroad. She presents regularly at major international conferences and is a TAT Professionals Trainer.



Bill Dovel

May 4, 2011 - Bill Dovel,Certified Pro EFT, RN: Eliminating the
"I am fundamentally flawed" Delusion

Hey everyone, This was a great interview with Bill. He has some great information about neurology and EFT. Really, this was one of my best guests. Check it out (and it gets even better toward the end! Listen to Bill's interview.

has searched to find the ultimate body mind healing. Along the way he became an Acupressure Massage Therapist, a psychiatric RN with clinical supervision in psychology and a yoga instructor. Bill is now a Certified Pro EFT practitioner whose specialty is gently eliminating your stress, painful emotions, and trauma.




March 23, 2011 Cathryn Taylor, MA. MFT, LADC - Listen to the interview with Cathryn here

Pro-EFT Certified, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Addictions Counselor, Cathryn is the author of five books including her best-selling Inner Child Workbook.

Cathryn achieved her Certification Completion in Pro-EFT last May and we will discuss how she incorporates Pro-EFT into her therapeutic work.
View Cathryn's EFT/Inner Child videos:
"Take A Soul Step With Me!" - BlogTalkRadio Show - Wednesday, 5 PM CST

Phone: 612-710-7720



March 9th, 2011, Dr. Thelma Jones, MD "Cancer is not an Automatic Death Sentence".

Listen to the originally recorded version of Dr. Jones' interview. The ending is abrupt, I'm afraid, due to a technical gremlin. I apologize for that. But there were only a few minutes left, so you'll mostly miss me thanking Dr. Jones profusely for her wisdom and help with this difficult subject.

Of note is the fact that EFT can greatly increase someone's chances of survival after a diagnosis. When people feel helpless it can be detrimental to the healing process. Tapping can bring relief, energy and optimism to a diagnosis and help stimulate the immune system to restore bodily health.
914-713-0789 (NY, NY)

Dr. Thelma Jones specializes in helping people with chronic physical and emotional conditions and those that have illnesses that they feel have not yet been resolved. She is  an integrative Medical doctor and is board certified in internal medicine and hematology.

In her practice she utilizes both her 35 years of experience in western medicine and oncology coupled with her expertise in complementary medicine.  Dr. Jones offers a variety of modalities to suit her patients’ needs such as nutrition, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Matrix Reimprinting and hypnotherapy.

Dr. Jones practices in Scarsdale, New York and also offers phone and Skype consultations worldwide. Visit her website for a free eBook “Cancer is Not an Automatic Death Sentence”.


LKMarch 2, 2011 Listen to Lindsay's recorded broadcast as she teaches her Bundling Baggage Technique.

"Bundling" is an efficient, highly effective and gentle way to eliminate childhood traumas, limiting beliefs and fears and other similar negative, repetitive events.

Lindsay describes how it evolved and how to tap away a whole childhood of misery.

Then join us March 10th as Lindsay does a live Teleclass on Bundling Baggage. Don't miss it! You won't believe all of the things you can do with this technique!


2-23-11 Carol Look, EFT Master, Hypnotherapist, - CSW, DCH "Attracting Abundance"
Listen to Carol's interview


Carol Look is a success and abundance coach in the energy psychology field.  Her specialty is inspiring clients to attract abundance into their lives by using EFT and the Law of Attraction to clear limiting beliefs, release resistance and build “prosperity consciousness.”  Before becoming an EFT Master, Carol was trained as a Clinical Social Worker and earned her Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

A pioneer and leading voice in the EFT community, Carol is the author of the popular book,  Attracting Abundance with EFT,  and has produced the field’s premiere training products on abundance, weight loss, clearing clutter, and pain relief.  Carol is well known for her 4 seasons as an internet radio show host, and appears as an energy psychology expert as well as practitioner in the DVD documentary “The Tapping Solution” and in the documentary showing PTSD results, “Operation: Emotional Freedom.”  Carol teaches energy psychology workshops to professionals and lay people around the world.


Iyanla_Vanzant2-16-11 Iyanla Vanzant "The Power and Practice of Emotional Healing" Listen to this fabulous woman's interview (fresh from the Oprah show) :-)

Find Iyanla's new book "Peace from Broken Pieces" at

Iyanla (pronounced Ee-Yon-La) is hailed among the "10 most dynamic public speakers” in the United States.  She is a nationally recognized Personal Development Master and a Spiritual Technician who is devoted to supporting others on the journey of personal transformation and healing.  

Iyanla’s own personal experiences have given her profound insight into life which she utilizes in her approach to coaching others through their life’s challenges and difficulties.  Appearing as a Spiritual Life Coach on the NBC daytime reality show, Starting Over, Iyanla offered a fresh insight and approach to the field of spiritual life coaching as a path of personal development. 

Leaving her post as a Public Defender in Philadelphia, she went on to earn a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, as well as two honorary degrees in Humane Letters and Humanities.  She is currently an adjunct professor at Bennett College for Women In Greensboro, NC and, she is a trained EFT and practitioner.


Nick2-9-11 Nick Ortner, Founder of The Tapping Solution and The Tapping World Summit Listen to Nick's interview

Nick Ortner is the producer of “The Tapping Solution”. Nick is a “searcher”, constantly reading, exploring and experimenting with the incredible information all around that can change lives. When he found Tapping, and was startled by the results, he knew he had to find a way to get this information into the mainstream. He produced, “The Tapping Solution”, a documentary film that features 10 people overcoming enormous challenges by using EFT Tapping.  The film features experts like Jack Canfield, Bruce Lipton, Joe Vitale, Bob Proctor, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Joe Mercola and more.

He also produced the worldwide online event, “The Tapping World Summit”, ( ) which has been attended by over 100,000 people (all for free!) and manages the monthly membership program, the “Tapping Insiders Club”. He has produced and coordinated other projects on health and wellness, such as David Wolfe’s “21 Days to Health” program, and is an owner and managing director of another documentary, “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes In 30 Days”



2-2-11 Dr. Patricia Carrington, PhD, EFT Master,

And here's the recording of Pat's interview

Associate Clinical Professor: UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Originator: EFT Choices Method, advanced EFT method used worldwide by psychotherapists and trainers.
email Pat:

Pat's fantastic books, tapes and DVDs on EFT are now available at Her award-winning modern meditation method (CSM) is there as well. We especially recommend her ground breaking books: Multiply the Power of EFT: 52 New Ways to Use EFT That Most People Don’t Know, and her newest, most comprehensive book, Try It On Everything: Discover the Power of EFT . You will also want to investigate the rich store of materials on her Choices Method at


loretta1-26-11 Loretta Sparks, LMFT, EFT Master - Recording of: Recognizing and Dealing with "Compulsive Helpfulness"
Immediate Past President, American Academy of Psychotherapists

Are you a "Compulsive Helper"? I think I am, but I never thought of that was a bad thing. Loretta explains why HAVING to help someone is giving up your emotional control and power. If you think you or someone you know is a compulsive helper, then this provocative interview is a must. Listen to the recording here. This is a great program, be sure to find it "On Demand Episodes on our Blog Talk site at and take notes. We jump into this subject.



1-19-11 Sebastiaan van der Schrier Reclaiming Self-Esteem

Sebastiaan has some great tips on getting rid of the causes of low self-esteem, and tap in high self-esteem. Sebastiaan is a personal coach from the Netherlands, living in Asia, who specializes in using EFT to help people overcome their social phobia.



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