Reversal Neutralization


Reversals are perhaps the biggest obstacles that keep EFT from working.
There are two types of Reversals and knowing how to identify and neutralize them
can substantially increase your effectiveness with Tapping



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  • Lindsay's eBook about Reversals
  • And our You Tube video on Muscle testing and Reversals
  • And our brand new Reversals Protocol and ebook!

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Here's are some typical responses about our Reversal Protocol:

Finally, yesterday I was able to listen to your summit section and it was amazing! Then I went to the reversal info you have and did it ONE TIME just now, and I felt a different energy go through my body!!! I am NOT kidding! My issues are very very deep (childhood mental abuse before age 3 blah blah blah with others...) BUT they are coming out and your reversal method for SBS and also the GPR-- (my electrical system has been off for years) are simply amazing!! Patti Obrigon, Portland

Hi Lindsay, I wanted to put into writing basically what I told you in person. I think the use of Reversals is the single most significant element of tapping. It completely changed how I used tapping and more importantly, it helped me breakthrough 25 years of anger toward my father. I had tried everthing. But nothing worked until I quieted that stubborn voice inside me saying "I don't want to let him off the hook!" Funny how I was hurting myself and my family in order to get back at my dad. Thank you for this simple and really cool tool! Ken Steele, Duluth, GA

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