Progressive EFT™
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Pro EFT is a compilation of Progressive,
Professional, Proficient Tapping Processes

Progressive EFT™ utilizes highly effective methods that make EFT easier to understand, learn, teach and utilize. It also includes an easy-to-follow "blueprint" (the Golden Gate Technique) for applying EFT for almost any issue. It consists of processes, techniques and philosophies that help enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of tapping.

Progressive EFT™ was developed by Lindsay Kenny on-the-fly. Process by process she worked with hundreds of clients and workshop students. While Pro EFT™ techniques are often advanced, many can be used by virtually anyone.

Read how Pro EFT differs from Basic EFT

If you are new to EFT or tapping, read about it on our EFT page, or download our free Pro EFT Starter Package. Or take it a step higher and register for one of our Pro EFT™ tapping workshops. Many of the processes introduced on this page are advanced methods and require a sound knowledge of tapping. To realize value from Progressive EFT processes, it's important to be knowledgeable about traditional tapping.

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Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master
Founder and CEO of Progressive EFT
and the EFT Institute

Below you'll find just some of the Progressive EFT™ processes we've developed. They help to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of tapping. Many of these techniques are advanced, so you need to have some basic knowledge of meridian tapping before using them. And several of our Pro EFT techniques are taught only in our Level 3 workshops or Mentoring Programs. Here they are at a glance:

Reversal Neutralization (The most important element for successful tapping)

The Golden Gate Technique (The template for almost every issue)

Relationship Remedy (for contentious relationships of any kind)

Bundling Baggage (a MUST for serious tappers. BB saves time, energy and tears)

EFT and the Law of Attraction (for getting what you want in life)

The Personal Power Process - 3 steps and 15 days to personal transformation

The Ultimate Truth Statement - for complex and hard to measure issues...and for reaching goals

12 Steps for More Effective Tapping - avoid mistakes people make and focus on what works

Tower of Shame - 4-part package for eliminating guilt, shame, remorse, regret

The Trauma Tree - this is a unique depiction of how to understand the different elements of an issue. Nick Ortner featured the Trauma Tree (he called the Tapping Tree) on the 2012 Tapping World Summit

Read how Pro EFT differs from Basic EFT


Reversal Neutralization - This is a very important concept to know, regardless of your skill level with tapping.


Read about our Reversals Multi-Media Package
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The Golden Gate Technique: GGBridge

This technique is s o easy to use and so logical that beginners start using it on the first day!. It's also so versatile that we use the Golden Gate Technique™ as a template for almost every issue. It helps you know what to say and when, and transitions from negative statements easily into positive ones. It's a must for your Pro EFT arsenal

Golden Gate Technique $25 on sale for $11


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Relationship Remedy:
RelRememdy This Is a miraculous tool to transform relationships of all types. It systematically helps you or your client eliminate anger, resentment and frustration with any existing relationship. We teach this process in our Ultimate Practitioners Workshop. However, you can read more about Relationship Remedy and purchase a teleclass audio of this process or purchase it now at the link below..

Register for this teleclass audio download
and receive the "Relationship Remedy" article free
RelRemedy$29 On sale for $11


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Bundling Baggage Technique:
Baggage Bundling Baggage Is a powerful, highly efficient process to easily deal with similar, repetitive, negative events, beliefs or fears. Most people form their identities and belief systems during their childhood. We then carry those limiting beliefs into our adult lives which can cause a multitude of issues such as self-sabotage, addictions, weight problems, low self-esteem, depression, feeling stuck, clutter and SO much more. Read about this remarkable process or purchase an affordable teleclass audio on how to use the technique.
Reduced to $11


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The Ultimate Truth Statement:
The "UTS" is a cool technique to deal with intangible or hard-to-measure issues such as clutter, procrastination, being stuck, insomnia, low self-esteem and more. It's also perfect for working toward a specific goal such as weight loss, confidence, smoking cessation, addictions, peak performance and more. Click here to purchase this teleclass audio that will teach you how to use this powerful tool.

$29.00 Reduced to $11 and get the ebook FREE!




Muscle Testing: Is used in many ways during all of our courses. We teach it in our Level 1 (Beginners EFT) and continue its usages throughout our workshops. It can be quite valuable in demonstrating how negative emotions affect the body's energy system or to demonstrate Reversals. Our students love it and clients do too! Muscle testing takes practice and finesse and is almost impossible to teach by just reading along. However, here's a free article on it that can give you a start: Muscle Testing.

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The Personal Power Process:
This is a 3-Step, 15-day process for Personal Transformation. Here's a free hand out on the Personal Power Process, taught in our Level 3 class. Or purchase a teleclass audio on using the PPP to Transform low self-esteem into unshakable confidence.

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The Law of Attraction and EFT: We teach this powerful combination in our Secret of the Secret Workshop and weave it throughout all of our courses. Focusing on what you want and being in the right place to receive it is imperative to allowing the Law of Attraction (LOA) to work for you. EFT is the perfect match with the LOA to help live the life of your dreams.

Want some examples? Listen free to my personal LOA stories, all of which took place long before I even knew what the Law of Attraction was. (These pre-class audios were created to go with my LOA teleclass.) Or click below to purchase teleclass audios on EFT and the Law of Attraction.

We also teach Pat Carrington's Choice Method and other practitioners' advanced techniques. By definition, the word "Progressive" means ever-evolving. We plan on continuing to grow the endless possibilities with EFT, to help take it to the top level of the "Healing High-Rise".

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12 Tips for More Effective Tapping Ebook - Read about the the most common challenges with tapping and how to fix them. This ebook evolved from our popular 9-Stumbling Blocks of EFT in the mid 2000's. It will most certainly help you become more proficient with tapping and especially understanding some of the tenants of Pro EFT.

One simple Pro EFTtechnique is tapping on both sides of the body (simultaneously with both hands) and by tapping on all 14 meridians (instead of the 9 bi_lat_tap taught with Basic EFT). You can increase your proficiency by over 56%.



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Tower of Shame
towerI see self-incrimination constantly in my private practice and in my classrooms and at every level. People beat themselves up for everything they’ve ever done wrong; and it manifests in lowered self-esteem, worthiness, confidence and physical pain.

A few years ago I developed a new process called “the Cone of Shame” (now called the Tower of Shame.) This process has produced remarkable success for increased worthiness, greatly improved self-esteem and reduction (or complete elimination) of pain and illness. Who doesn't want those things? Read what just a couple of peeps have said about this process.

Acquire this four-part package: A two-part article and two audio recordings towerofshame


Loved the tapping session tonight! I've struggled with low self esteem and body related issues all my life and the effects of that shame have crippled me socially and emotionally. The tapping was great and I'll continue tapping until I'm down to a 0. Thanks for the broadcast! Julie in Virginia

.Lory Diana Rosenberg posted on your Wall: "Lindsay, I just want to say that your "Cone of Shame" concept is soooo fabulous, and I can't wait for Part 2 tonight! You inspire me over and over -- it makes me feel worthy just listening to the way you introduce the topic! You are just the best EFT tapping coach ever, with such sensitivity, insight and a sense of humor to boot!"


TraumaTreeTrauma Tree

The Trauma Tree is one of Lindsay's signature products. It demonstrates a visual way to see the four different elements of an issue. Once you learn the Trauma Tree it makes finding cores issues and tapping them away so much easier. Paired with the Bundling Baggage Techniuqe, the Trauma Tree is a powerful tool for undertanding and tapping away traumas and other adverse events, emotions or beliefs.

While we teach how to use this concept properly in our Ultimate Practitioners Workshop, we wanted to get it in the the hands of everybody. It's really a cool process. I think you'll find it's worth it.



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