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Power of 10s". The first section is "10 Tips to "Brighten
Your Life". Each of these tips; articles, audios or

videos, are all free to use and to implement.
Most importantly, the benefits from
results will be priceless.
So you have nothing to
lose and much to  gain


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Change Your Mind to Change Your Life"
      Tip 3 "Tapping Away Stress"

      Tip 4 "Tap Away Anger"
      Tip 5
"Tap Away Indecision"

Tip 5 Tap Away your "Tower of Shame" (available soon)


The first of our "10 Tips to Brighten Your Life" series is "10 Priceless Gifts that Cost Nothing" Click on the link below to download and read the first tip:

gift Tip #1 - "Give away 10 Priceless Gifts that Cost Nothing" Executing this simple tip can not only brighten your life...but "make someone's day"...and more. Read how to change the direction of your life with one simple action.
Download "10 Priceless Gifts in pdf format

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Tip #2 is "Change Your Mind and Change Your Life" - This tip is a simple process to transform negative thoughts into positive positive ones. It's age-old and tried and true. Thoughts are powerful, whether negative or positive. Be the guardian of your thoughts to change the results in your life. It really can be that simple!

ChangeMind Tip #2 - "Change Your Mind and Change Your Life"
Download "Change Your Mind" in pdf format


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Tip #3 Keep stress at bay by tapping it away - Tapping helps you neutralize stress and the negative effects it has on our mind and body. And more importantly, how to deal do it without drugs or other unsafe alternatives. After reading this article, download this tap-along audio and release your stress before it builds to the breaking point.

Download "Tap Away Stress" in pdf format

aa Listen to our Tap Away Stress tap-along audio




Tip #4 Tap Away Anger - Keeping anger at bay is a critical part of emotional health. Yet many of us never realize that. Anger so often seems justified...and it can be. Hanging on to it however can be very harmful to your physical and emotional well-being. Download and read Lindsay's article on how to Tap Away Anger.

aa After reading the article, listen to our "Tap Away Anger" tap-along audio



indecisionTip 5: Tap Away Indecision - Tap Into Decisiveness

Do you ever find yourself hesitating...or downright procrastinating because you don't know which way to go? Do the consequences of potential wrong decisions weight on you? Well join the club. We all go through that from time to time. It turns into a real problem, however, when indecision becomes chronic. This program on how to tap away indecision and turn it in to certainty will help you make the leap.

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